Good morning to everybody, or maybe good night!

I hope you guys don’t miss me a lot, but I am actually pretty busy those days. My daily day is full of assignments which make me spend most of the time. But today I bring with me a new project I had to elaborate for Digital Humanities, one of my subjects of this year.

This new project is a creation of a timeline, which I had to look for a good platform to be able to carry it out. However, before found a platform I had to think on one topic that took me almost more than three days to take a decision. Honestly, I changed the topic four times, but finally I ended up with one. Later on, I will explain you which one it is.

At first, all this world (timeline creation) was more than new for me, because I have never done this before. But after a deep research, I came up with some information that made me learn fast, and now, I am an expert, XD.

As I said before, I would like to explain you a bit about the topic I finally chose and why. So the theme is MY LIFE. I have chosen this topic because I consider is the perfect excuse to summarize my life with the most relevant facts that have happened to me and share them with all of you. Who knows, maybe I will incentivize you to make one similar…

Check out my timeline creation by clicking here!

I hope you like it!!! And feel free to leave a commment.

See you soon.