Hello everybody! I haven’t written for a long time ago, but today I have an awesome approach which will make you reflect a bit. I’m going to talk about the “post-truth” related on my topic. Because many people don’t know exactly what “post-truth” is, I’m going to start with a brief definition about this concept.


What exactly “Post-truth” means, is that something about a topic is said and it’s fake. truth-300x200But it becomes viral through social media and people, even though know is not true, believe it. It tends to be attractive and shocking, because this way is more easy that people pay attention on it.

Here I leave a link  about a post-truth which talks about Donald Trump, for those who are interested and want to know more about it.  POST-TRUTH RELATED ON DONALD TRUMP


Many people think that being bullied is someone that abuse or threat someone else bad due to feel better hiselves, but it goes deeper than this.

Nowadays, if we take a look around us, we would notice that lot of people are suffering bullying. Some of them are able to ask for help but some others just keep it in secret. The way the victim acts it doesn’t depend on how good is the person, that’s an important fact people use to confuse.

What I want to make clear is that the society usually believe bullying concepts the way is written on the social media, such as “the stalker is actually the person who is suffering more” or  “bullying is only for losers”. While the truth is completely the opposite.

To sum up, I would like to make clear that not everything on social media are right and even less what the rumors  say.